Thank you to The King of Kings, for allowing us to participate in your victory!


“The loving care that I received from these woman left me feeling so full of God’s grace and mercy. They administered a love that could only be from Him. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I was given to share this time with them and to be able to open up and trust this process. They held my hand and my heart with every step. I wasn’t alone. And I haven’t felt alone since that day. It has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. I am free and full of armor, armor that sat in a corner my whole life until these ladies taught me how to pick it up and use it. There was power birthed into my spirit in the moments I had with them. They taught me how to fight while they were fighting with and for me in that room. God Bless these vessels of His love!” -R.P

"I went to the Friday worship service at The Community Church. I had asked my friend if she wanted to meet me there since neither of us had been before. I was really looking forward to it and was excited to go. A few hrs before I had planned to leave, I started getting very anxious about going and had thoughts about not going at all. I knew the plan the enemy had was to get me not to go. I went anyway! I just felt like I knew I was suppose to go. The worship was incredible.  The Holy Spirit was present in every square inch of that church. It was beautiful. I was brought to tears. At one point my friend had asked if I wanted to go up for prayer. I kind of just shrugged and said I didn’t want to. After worship was over, I met up with Tempal to chat and introduce her to my friend. I had shared with her how at different times during worship I just really felt the need to cry. She placed her hand on my head and began to pray over me. I started sobbing and eventually fell to the ground where others gathered around me and continued to pray for deliverance. I was completely aware and unaware at the same time if that makes any sense. I could feel something stirring within me as if it was being forced to move up my body. Kind of like a volcano getting ready to erupt. I coughed some and cried a bit more and opened my eyes kind of in shock to what had just happened so unexpectedly. After I left church, I started to feel really sick. The whole drive home I kept thinking I was going to need to pull over and get sick. I just kept driving and praying to just make it home without getting sick. Thankfully I was able to drive the 40 minutes home without pulling over. When I got home, I ran to the bathroom where the rest of my deliverance took place in a trash can and toilet. Hallelujah! Good riddance!!" -Becky


"Tempal moved over to me and began praying over me, she put her hands on my head and I could feel the Holy Spirit fill the space, and I could feel the Holy Spirit in her, her hands were vibrating. The energy coming off of her was tangible. She kept praying over me and at one point and asking for God to show us that I was free. At some point in the process my neck heavily dropped back and I could feel the Holy Spirit through me and I felt Him penetrate every single cell in my face, my face was vibrating with the Spirit and I felt an intense pins and needles sensation throughout my entire face. He was showing me that He was filling every space that demon had ever been with the Holy Spirit and that it was finally gone. I laid back with my eyes closed for a long while as the Holy Spirit continued to work through me. I was just amazed with how He filled my face the way He did and let me know He had taken care of it. For the rest of the day I was overcome with peace." - Lindsey 


"This has been the craziest experience (in a good way). My pain has decreased by 90%!!! I definitely put it to the test today. During our session, the things that were revealed to me and the intensity of them is hard to put into words. I knew that I keep a lot in, but how freeing to know I don't have to! The holy spirit belly spasms continued all day yesterday on and off. I continued to pray and reassure myself that Jesus already loves me where I am at. You did a great job coaching me. I felt your closeness and your prayers. I know He's not done cleaning house within, but thats a good thing! Thank you very much for listening to the calling The Lord has put on your life. It's helped me tremendously." -Linda


"Wow! I deeply feel I needed to hear that message today. The powerful stories, power of agreement and being aware was powerful. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and share all that you did. It had a huge impact on me and confirmed many things I was sensing." - Anne


"Tempal, God is giving us sooo much information through you that you cannot find in a church unfortunately. I feel so loved by Him that He reached through you to me. So keep it coming!! You are beautiful inside and out, he picked a good vessel. You should know that we can feel Him through you." - Jamie 


"Thank you for the love and support. You have such a purpose in my life and those are bonds that are very special. Meg sounds like she has some pep in her voice for the first time in a few weeks. She sounded so happy when I called her. And we both just ate a real meal for the first time in days. This is just a testament of our call, thank you." - Alex


"I was excited to hear all about the deliverance school Tempal had just gotten home from. As she was sharing, God gave her a word for me. She told me that He has a plan for me and spoke about my personal freedom and walk with God. She spoke about a new kind of love that I had not encountered yet. This was the start of a an amazing whirl wind of God working in me and for my family. From that moment I knew things where going to get better and God was going to do amazing things in my life. Tempal invited me to church. The Lord moved in and through me in ways beyond words. In that first church service was the start to my freedom! I felt the Holy Spirit for the first time and have continued to grow in my spiritual journey in leaps and bounds." -A.S


"You have helped me so much. I appreciate you. Even when you told me some truths that weren't the easiest to hear, I know that was hard for you to do, I am so grateful. " - Susan


"I am so grateful that Tempal and Erica were willing to pray over me for deliverance. I had an opportunity to break off a lot of generational curses. Some of which included ones that were drawing me to dating the wrong people. Before praying over this aspect of my life. I'd find myself interested in men who I knew were not good for me. After receiving deliverance, all unhealthy attractions were instantly gone. It was a night and day difference that confirmed that satan's hold on this area of of my life is gone." - T.B


"Just wanted to tell you thank you again for stopping whatever you were doing and praying with me. That was the beginning of my deliverance. Keep walking in your purpose." - Becky


"He is gonna have his mind blown when I clearance out the tarot decks and replace them with loving words of Jesus cards in my store." - Dawn


"It’s been a about a month and and a half since I’ve met with the Vine Ladies..and after lots of thought about what that day has done for me, what the Lord has done through me since that day, led me to share this testimony. Sometimes we just have to find the intimacy that we’ve been desiring in Christ and didn’t quite know how to find it before…lots of seeking led me to the Vine. And there was an intimacy in Christ with those dear women that drove my soul to seek higher because I could feel the love of Christ in a way like never before. I have spent years tossing about in the wind since I was a little girl…I always knew Jesus was good. I’ve been in Church and tried walking the straight and narrow for then to be pulled in different directions keeping me floating about trying to figure it all out. But the words the ladies spoke over me and taught me has changed my life. It has straightened my path and I can see Jesus more clearly now. I praise the Lord for this intimacy in Him that I have found! My strongholds kept me from being able to feel as close to Jesus as I always wanted to feel. But He helped me with so many layers that day through the Vine. He wrapped His loving arms around me and sent me people to fight for me in the spirit! That’s a feeling and an experience like no other! I can feel the strongholds lifted off finally. There are layers of course, but when you finally have a break through…it changes your heart and helps you keep going stronger without the walls in your way!" -Rebecca


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