Tempal offers phone and in-person sessions.

It's her heart to see the broken, bound and wounded set free through the love of Jesus Christ. Tempal's love for Jesus and His people is evident by her passion and prophetic voice. Tempal helps people identify areas that the enemy is causing destruction, educate on God-given authority, and assist in freedom/healing so that God's people may walk in their full identity, purpose, authority. This revelation works together to expand The Kingdom of God.

Tempal and her team do not require a set honorarium to minister or mentor to you. However, we do appreciate a suggested ministry donation of $100/45 minutes of one-on-one time. 

What you can expect:

Upon completing the form below, you will have a private call with Tempal. At that time, she will determine if you need mentoring or inner healing/deliverance. If you need inner healing/deliverance, Tempal will send you an in-depth confidential survey to determine the needs of your session. 

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