My first memory of encountering the spiritual realm was around the age of 4 while visiting my grandparents. I remember "waking up" in another world where God spoke to me about my God-given assignment. During this beautiful encounter, God deposited the answers to all of my questions into my spirit, assuring me that I would recall them at appointed times throughout my assignment on earth.

From that point on, I've experienced continuous prophetic visions, dreams and words of knowledge from God, all held near and dear to my heart.

As a child and young adult, I experienced a tremendous amount of warfare which left me terrified and led me to question my identity. Today, I recognize those years as a time of growth and training. I developed an understanding of the spiritual realm and the many weapons that form against people. Looking back, now, I can see the demonic agendas purposed to keep me from operating in my God-given gifts.

Today, I am walking in the authority given to me by The Lord Jesus. I carry holy anger against the kingdom of darkness. It's my heart is to see the broken and bound set free through the love of Jesus Christ. I continue to seek education from my best friend, Holy Spirit, continued training in trauma healing/ deliverance, and my beautiful network of believers. My lifetime of supernatural experiences allow me to have tremendous compassion and wisdom for those seeking Jesus. I love watching God's children step into their God-given identity, receive healing and ultimately experience God's love and FREEDOM!