Do you do one-on-one Inner healing + deliverance? The short answer is, yes! However, it is very important for the person to be in the correct posture to receive healing, freedom and cary out the proper after care and lifestyle changes. If you are interested in inner healing/deliverance, we can begin a conversation and see where the Holy Spirit leads us.

Can you come to our event/church? Tempal takes each event request to The Lord. To invite her and her team to your church or event, please visit our Booking Page.

How do I become a monthly Vine Partner? Thank you for asking! He is the vine, and each of us are His branches. It truly does take all of us, working together, to advance The Kingdom of God. The Vine Team are all volunteers. Your monthly commitment to support The Vine ministry supports our efforts, our vision and God's Kingdom. Visit our Give Page to partner with us.